Open Source Society

Hey all, on our downtime, I figured I would try to keep stuff going. Here’s a quick post about another website/blog that you should check out: the Open Source Society.

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Hey all (if there are any readers left!),

Sorry about the serious lack of posting as of late. Jay and I (Brian) have been extremely busy with other things and have had to neglect certain aspects of our lives. This blog was one of those things that had to take a back seat for a bit. However, our lives are going to calm down quite a load in about a week – and we’ll be back on top of our game them. I’ll also have a very long and very liberating post (ha!) for you all shortly.

Thanks, and say tuned to the Liberation Frequency,


How To Release Your Own Album

Have you ever wanted to release your own music or the music of a friend? Well, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. A couple of months ago I put together a How-To guide on this very subject for a couple of zines. Now I’m posting it here so that even more people might be able to have access to it. This all is the accumulation of what I’ve learned from putting out independent music for about three years; and I wanted to share this information with other people who are interested in being involved with independent music. I want to point out that this guide is definitely not the only way to do all of this – and I hope you share alternatives that you may know of.

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Our New Banner

Thanks a lot to Ryan Zellman for our new banner. He’s a great friend and an all around great person. If you ever see him on the street give him a hug.

Raise Your Fist Records

Raise Your Fist Logo

Hey, a couple of weeks ago we did (what I think was) one of our best radio broadcasts. It was all live, with interviews and performances by Alex Loeb of Alex and the Imaginary Friends and Raise Your Fist Records. Unfortuantly, it did not get recorded as was planned. We meant to have it available for you to listen here.

But, at the very least, you should check them out at the link provided above – they’re a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and independent record label that does really cool things.

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Interview With Brett From The Riot Before

Originally aired on Febuary 13th, 2008 

Brian’s interview with Brett Adams of The Riot Before about touring, what world events and views inspire their music, what it means to be a band that “grows organically,” and a philosophical note on burritos. (MEDIUM SOUND QUALITY) 14 MINUTES – Song at the end of the interview.

Go here to listen.

March 12 Palestine Update


Palestine Update, 1


In late February, almost two weeks ago, Israel launched a five day offensive into the Gaza strip. In these five days, over 120 Palestinians were killed, the majority of them civilians. The incursion was reportedly in response to rockets being fired at Israeli towns and settlements from Gaza by Hamas. Hamas has stated it has been firing rockets in protest of the siege on Gaza and the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine.

To put the siege on Gaza in some perspective, Amnesty International has recently released a report detailing that Gaza is in its worst condition since the Occupation of Palestine began in 1967. 1.1 Million Gazans, or three fourths of the population, depend on humanitarian aid just to survive. The number of refugees has increased tenfold since 1999, even straining the special UN organization established specifically to deal with Palestinian refugees. Average household incomes have dropped 22% in the last four months alone. 70% of all households earn less than $1.20 per capita daily. Unemployment is at 40% in the Gaza strip. These facts are all direct affects of the blockades and border restrictions Israel has placed on Gaza. As a result of this humanitarian crisis, the UN appeal for humanitarian aid to Gaza is the third largest in the world this year after Sudan and Congo, at 462 million dollars. That amount of humanitarian aid of course being a fraction of the 2.5-3 billion dollars that the United States gives to Israel in aid, over a third of it specified as military aid. Continue reading