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The Young and the Leftless

This is a document written by a few young members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. I don’t really have many thoughts on the document, other than that I think it’s pretty sound all in all. I don’t know that much about Freedom Road, to be honest, since they’re primarily based on the West Coast. But they seem pretty decent for considering themselves inheritor’s of Maoism – looks like they picked most of the right ideas to hold onto and most of the right ones to get rid of. It definitely has a good take on the status on the Left in the U.S., especially from the perspective of the generation born right around when the Soviet Union “collapsed”. We never knew orthodox Marxism, but we knew that we are the inheritors of it and that there was something about it that rubbed us the wrong way. I’d be curious to hear other people’s thoughts though. (Please note: I had no part in writing what is posted below.)

Read the original document on Freedom Road’s website.

The following letter, written by young members of FRSO/OSCL, is an attempt to bridge the generation gap on the question of organization. In our years of work in mass movements and Left organizations, we have found that the questions, and the challenges, posed by young people are quite different from those of our movement elders. This letter is written as a supplement to Which Way Is Left? in the hopes that it will encourage more young people to participate in the conversation on organization and what we need to build a revolutionary movement. Please read it, distribute it, and let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment on our blog.
youngandleftless-logo.pngA Struggle Paper. That’s what our elders in the movement would have called what you are about to read. But not a lot of young folks use the words “Struggle Paper,” so consider this a love letter. It’s a poignant prod at the sectarians and a come hither nod at the independents. It’s a potluck discussion and a midnight session, and if we could play something hot in the background while you read this, we would. It’s a challenge, because we love you, to think about what it’s going to take to actually start building a revolutionary movement in the belly of the baddest beast this Earth has seen. We’ve got some thoughts about ORGANIZATION, and we want to know what y’all think. Continue reading


Links for May 27, 2008

The essence of this comment is that those of us concerned with anything else rather than the suffering of non-human animals are divisive, are weakening the vegan cause, are traitors. And we should just stop complaining & hew to the vegan party line… Instead of critiquing white male privilege within vegan circles, let’s go do some “real good,” right? Because heaven knows opposing racism & sexism, especially if we — gasp — critique other vegans, is a time-waster, a distraction from the REAL issues… We’re being asked to identify as vegans over any other aspect of our identities & our lives. Again, the parallels with the feminist movement are just astounding. Women of color get punished for speaking up about racism in feminism. Vegans of color questioning whitecentric vegans also are penalized for such heretic thoughts…

Enjoy. – Brian

Open Source Society

Hey all, on our downtime, I figured I would try to keep stuff going. Here’s a quick post about another website/blog that you should check out: the Open Source Society.

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