About Us

Jay Cassano is an undergraduate student at Hampshire College. His interdisciplinary academic concentration draws on political philosophy, critical theory, philosophy of history, cultural anthropology, literary criticism, and economics. One of his main interests is in the relationship between art and politics. He enjoys reading theory and then putting it into practice, rather than sitting high up in an ivory tower. Jay is also a classically trained violinist with a passion for punk rock and melodic death metal.

Brian Van Slyke technically goes to college, but he likes to think of himself as an unschooler. Most of Brian’s work focuses around unschooling/deschooling/homeschooling/liberation education, DIY music, community organizing, and localized activism. He really wants to learn another language. Brian enjoys setting up shows, workshops, putting out zines and other literature, community food gardens, and workplace democracy. Brian’s a “radical t-eacher” and does a lot of work at North Star: Self-Directed Learning For Teens.

Brian and Jay both feel like dorks for writing in the third person. Together, along with some other folks, they run an independent, do-it-yourself, worker collective record label.


One response to “About Us

  1. Anti Semites and Communists ! What a wonderful duet you two are. Shame on you!

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