Open Source Society

Hey all, on our downtime, I figured I would try to keep stuff going. Here’s a quick post about another website/blog that you should check out: the Open Source Society.

From the About Me:

“My name is Josh. I love open source. I created this blog to share my love of open source with the world, and to dispel a lot of the common misconceptions that are floating around. There is a distinct gap between the mainstream world of computer users and the world of Linux enthusiasts and developers. Through this gap flow rumours, half-truths, and not a small amount of animosity and condescension. My goal is to bridge that gap, eliminate the fog of mystery, dispel the lies, and provide an easy path for people to transition from inferior, closed-source products to the world of better software founded on the principles of freedom. It can be done right now, by anyone, but it’s getting even easier every day.”

Also, OSS did a really cool interview with Jay a while back if you want to check that out – about “the future of music.”

In other news, as promised in my apology, we will back back in full swing soon.


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