How To Release Your Own Album

Have you ever wanted to release your own music or the music of a friend? Well, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. A couple of months ago I put together a How-To guide on this very subject for a couple of zines. Now I’m posting it here so that even more people might be able to have access to it. This all is the accumulation of what I’ve learned from putting out independent music for about three years; and I wanted to share this information with other people who are interested in being involved with independent music. I want to point out that this guide is definitely not the only way to do all of this – and I hope you share alternatives that you may know of.

(Click on the page to make it larger. Make sure you’re zoomed in on the picture all the way.)

(The first page is a little hard to read, even when zoomed up. Don’t fret. It’s mainly just an introduction/what you need page. The rest of them are easily readable though. I’ll have the PDF for this up ASAP.)








(P.S. I’m trying to make this available as a downloadable PDF. So if you’re interested, check back in the next few days and hopefully it should be up by then).


4 responses to “How To Release Your Own Album

  1. Cool post. I started my own label and production company back in 1996 while I was in high school. I love the DIY spirit. I know you said a PDF was coming. That would be very sweet!

    – Chad

  2. Hi, i am a singer cum guitarist also i play other instruments as well. I have composed few good songs, i just wanted to know how to release a Music album, and what all it will cost to do recording. What will be the total approximate cost of album release.
    Anticipating earlier reply…

    • Hi I am Amol Music Composer and arranger from India Mumbai I have my own Recording studio if you want arranger your tunes I can do it for you.
      my cost 10000k negotiable per songs.

      my contact. 9029353069
      email –

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